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This site is just a big collection of experiments and ideas. Some of them turn into packages. Some turn into businesses. Most just sit here and wait their turn for greatness. Maybe something here will inspire you. Hit me up on Twitter or Telegram if it does.

My name is Ed Grosvenor. I'm a web developer with a couple decades of experience. I have a wife, two kids, and a day job that covid is requiring me to mostly do overnight.

My specialty is workflow and developer experience. I'm always on the lookout for ways to save keystrokes and automate the things that I don't like to do.

Running On The Tall Stack

Super Fast Development Gets to Failure Faster

A wise man once said that every success is made of 10,000 failures. I think, anyway. I've never bothered to look. I saw it on Facebook, though, so it's probably true. The TALL stack lets me fail faster than ever before!

  • Tailwind CSS + Tailwind UI

    Design and development are different skills. I'm not a designer. Tailwind UI and Tailwind CSS let me make stuff that looks good anyway.

  • Alcohol

    Some people say the A in TALL is for Alpine.js. Alpine's cool and all, but more beer than x-data goes into my work.

  • Laravel (On Vapor)

    Laravel is perfect for rapid development. Throw out what sucks and deploy what works. If you do it the Laravel Way, it'll (mostly) scale.

  • Livewire

    The only thing I know how to do in javascript is keep the ENTER button from submitting my form early. Livewire handles the rest.

"You be a dinosaur and I'll try to run you over with my monster truck."

Milo Grosvenor
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