About My Office Hours

What exactly are "office hours"?

I've been a developer for a couple of decades now and I recognize the importance of getting away from my own screen and my own projects once in a while. I grow as a developer by helping others grow. So I make myself available to mentor, debug, or do what I can to move roadblocks out of the way of developers who need it. To that end, I set aside a little of my week specifically for this purpose.

What do I do with unused office hours?

I work on open source. Usually my own stuff, but if a maintainer I follow has put out a call for help on something I'll often give it a try. If you want another pair of eyes on your open source project, let me know!

Why does location matter?

It mostly doesn't. But before COVID-19 I held some of my office hours in person. Mentoring over coffee, iterating over a conference talk, etc. I hope to get back to that again when doing so becomes safe and feasible again.


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